I have been on the hunt for the perfect pair of fall booties – and I am happy to say that I finally found my new best friends (until NYC turns from fall to winter in like a week because we have like .2 seconds of fall and then it’s OVER AND IT SUCKS) in my ones of my favorite stores – C. Wonder! I’m obsessed with that store – literally all my costume jewelry comes from there and it’s like heaven in there, it’s amazing.

I took this photo on the way to class. I was wearing a super casual, super comfy long sleeved black shirt with this pair of boyfriend jeans from Topshop. Even though I hate shoe shopping because a) they never have my size (9.5/10) anywhere, ever and b) I psych myself out of getting any pair of shoes because I feel like they all make my feet look like their sailing the 7 seas in two gigantic Titanic sized ships – I am starting to realize that shoes can make or break an outfit, but most importantly, they can make a super drab outfit look like you actually put some effort into it (even though you really just rolled out of bed and THANK GOD you even remembered to roll on some deodorant).

Anyways, I found these babies and I’m in loooooveeeeeeee. But I feel like I need another pair so I’m not like a one hitter quitter, ya know? LOL 😀 Where can I find some other cute ones ladies?! Let a sister know! xo


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