Hola People!

I’m writing to you from a very populated Amtrak Acela train from NYC to Washington, DC right now. Since Mother Nature has decided she hates us and wants us all to freeze to death, a lot of trains were cancelled today due to weather. So since there’s only so many trains to choose from today, mine is pretty packed but because I don’t like to share already small spaces, I have my Chanel bag & Starbucks cup on the seat next to me and my fingers crossed that no one asks to sit next to me on this 2.5 hour journey to my hometown (Potomac, MD – right outside of DC). I’m almost there so it’s looking pretty good for me right about now πŸ˜€

Last week was SUPER DE DUPER Packed. So far New Yorkers have survived not just the terrible weather, but New York Fashion Week, All Star Weekend and Valentine’s Day all in one weekend. I for one spent V-Day snuggled up with my love, watching [terrible] movies, eating, sleeping and staying out of the snow.

But let’s backtrack and start with #NYFW. If you follow me on Instagram, you know that I normally attend at least 3 shows a season. I had to cut it down to 3 after one year I went to about 30 shows between Mercedes Benz and other locations that I made myself sick and actually drove myself insane to the point of needing to be admitted – fashion and fashion people will do that to you if consumed in excess. #WARNING. This year I literally gave my invites away. I’ve been going through a lot of personal things and I just had no interest in doing anything that wasn’t exactly work related. SO I worked instead!

I did a 12 hour shoot with Zales last Thursday which was awesome! I got to wear tons of diamonds and be a bride for a day AND I got to take home one of the bouquets. YAY!


Friday was jam packed. I decided to sleep in and do homework instead of taking part in Fashion Week, which was very grown up of me because had I not been exhausted – I would’ve said screw homework I’m going to go out and be a STARRRRRR. But I spent my morning in sweats & at Starbucks instead. #WorthIt.

From there I went uptown to cover an NBA All Star gifting suite for The Hot Zone USA. I did a few interviews, took some photo booth pictures – of course, got my boo some socks and drank champagne. It was a win, win, win for everyone involved if you ask me!



After that I went home, ate (translation: scarfed spicy Cuban chicken down my throat), and went to Milk Studios for a party my buddy JR Smith threw with Gigi Hadid, MADE Fashion Week & Maybelline. It was soooo fun! The DJ’s were amazing and it was just a great day/night with my girl Lauriel. We had the best time & delicious Maybellini’s πŸ™‚



Then – Valentine’s Day <3 My boyfriend Justin & I literally had zero plans. It was beautiful. NYC was overrun with non-New Yorkers, thots and every other kind of human that we didn’t want to be around. We just spent an entire day looking at each other and it was the best Valentine’s Day I’ve ever had πŸ™‚ OF COURSE I had to fall into the “Go see 50 Shades of Grey on Valentine’s Day” trap. So we went. I want to leave it at that but I really can’t. So I will only make a few critiques… In my next blog πŸ˜‰ Go check it out!


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