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Wm wants chocolate

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William Dean Chocolates was founded in At William Dean Chocolates, we excite the eye and intrigue the palate with works of art made from only the finest ingredients.

Belleair BluffsFlorida Weddings, Special Events and Corporate Gifts. Chocolatf chocolates make your events special. We provide the same high quality artisan chocolates for our wm wants chocolate partners.

Wm. Chocolate, Madison, Wisconsin. likes. William Marx chocolate maker. Madison, WI, USA. Wm wants chocolate Wm wants chocolate lonely looking for Wm wants chocolate Wm Wm wants chocolate really Wm wants chocolate performing Wm wants. From Cacao Bean to Chocolate Bar in Madison, WI USA. Wm. Chocolate is single-origin dark chocolate by William Marx chocolate maker. Browse the Chocolate.

I continued making chocolate at home for about a wantts, figuring out my ideal type of sugar and trying as many cacao origins as I could get my hands on.

In Decembera friend held a private party where I shared an ambitious variety of chocolate—nine origins, far more than I offer. wm wants chocolate

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The party led to meeting Jonny Hunter, an important member of the Madison food community. He believed in my chocolate and helped me set up wm wants chocolate a small commercial space such that I could start selling publicly.

It coincided with wanting a job wm wants chocolate and, thanks to the support of my parents who were willing to house me, I decided to follow my passion and have chocolate making become my job. I officially formed Wm.

Chocolate in April In the beginning, the decision wm wants chocolate nutritionally motivated. I had dropped all heavily processed foods from my diet in favor of more gently processed and traditional alternatives. For sweeteners, that meant my kitchen was stocked with honey, maple syrup, and unrefined a.

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These are all flavorful whole-food sweeteners with nutritional value beyond calories. I could not find any chocolate made with these sweeteners in my area, so I started making it with unrefined cane sugar in order to have wm wants chocolate.

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Unrefined cane sugar from India. It turns out that, much like cacao, cane sugar from different regions has wm wants chocolate flavors. I was delighted to experience wqnts range of flavors naturally present in cane sugar in exactly the same way I was delighted to experience the range of flavors in cacao.

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Which begs the question: When we wm wants chocolate in New York City, you mentioned selling chocolate at local farmers markets: What origin bars do you currently carry and why?

Right now, my core origins are:.

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I could never pick a permanent favorite, but I have been working with the Wm wants chocolate Mountain Belize extensively lately — learning how and when certain flavors develop — and that has heightened my appreciation of its beauty. Madison is fortunate to be home to a nonprofit called Singing Roosterwhich wanst Haitian artists and agricultural producers to the US market.

My next project is to develop a new bar using cacao from the Haitian cooperative they partner. What inspires you?

Are there makers, bars, or travels that influenced your chocolate-making process? I see myself, and craft chocolate in general, as a contributor to the growing movement for food with integrity, in terms wm wants chocolate flavor, ethics, and nutrition.

This movement became a driving force in my life about five years ago, when I wm wants chocolate living on my chocolatee for the first time and therefore responsible for all of the cooking. I started asking and exploring a deceptively simple question: They inspired me to value traditional foods—foods made with whole-food ingredients and time-honored techniques, close to wm wants chocolate whenever possible.

Think of naturally leavened breads, a huge suite of other fermented foods including cacao!

Obviously my approach to chocolate, especially in terms of sourcing with care, using less processed sweeteners, wm wants chocolate working from scratch, owes much to their ideas. Today, my inspiration comes less from the words behind this movement and more from the deeds—from those who are making food with integrity publicly available.

Seeing their hard work and success chocolste me, wm wants chocolate it is a large chain like Chipotle making food with greater integrity more accessible to the masses, or a local producer putting in chocolste hours to bring a real food product to a market where it was previously unavailable.

I see my chocolate as a way to promote the values wm wants chocolate their work and the real-food movement at large. That makes chocolate a good way to start conversations about real food.